Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kamal Haasan

Name : Kamal Haasan
Born: 07.09.1954
Address: Paramakudi
Father: Srinivasan
Mother: Rajalakshmi
History :-
His first film was Kalathur Kannamma at the age of 6, 1960. He got national award of best child artist. As an adult actor kamal Hassan acted in movie like Avargal, Aval Oru Thodarkathai, Solla Thaan Ninaikkiren, Maanavan.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

coming soon to change the world !!!!!

A Rich Street Indeed

The Ritchie Street in Chennai is of special interest to many people, either for or near! If any one asks you, ‘where is Ritchie street?’ you can immediately identify him as a purchaser for latest technology in the market.

From the entry level electronic equipment to the latest laptop computers and iphones can be purchased here at a low cost. But what set apart Ritchie street is the service facility that are available, says Aravind Rangarajan, a comsumer from tiruchy. You get everything required here.

The history of Ritchie street start, in its present avatar of an one stop place for any electrical and electronics, being some were in 1970 with perhaps five shop. But before long, there were 25 shops doing active business by the year 1982, nearly 175 shops were opened that extended up to Mount Road. Today, these shops spread along Ritchie street, Narshingapuram street, meeran sahib street and Waller’s road.

After the 80s, electronic giants like Bharat Electronic Limited, Philips, Keltron and other pitched their tents in Ritchie Street. Gradually, people (especially from North India), who recognized the market potential for electronic goods, began to set up shops here, said Anbu, a retailer in the street.

Do know the significance of the name Ritchie? It is because; rich people like nawarbs and English man were living in the street.

This later petered out to be called as Ritchie Street; Even now we could see some of the old buildings hidden in the street without much care.

Austen, an Anglo-In-dain lady, who is living here for over 25 years, says this place mixed with many different community people and serves to be symbol for religious unity, for most of the traders are related to each other and it is like an amicable family here.

Another highlight of the Ritchie street is its ‘cassette industry’. ‘nearly, one lakh audio cassettes, blank and recorded were once produced regularly. But in the present scenario, due to the influence of CDs and DVDs, the trend has changed,’ said maheswaran, an electronic goods retailer.

As in any hub of Chennai, traffic is a major problem here. The growth of the market has been haphazard and causes space crunch. The vehicles coming to the market pose a great hindrance for the pedestrians.

Today with more than five thousands shops, the street is flourishing as one of the primary markets for computer and peripherals in India.